Saturday, August 1, 2009

I bought a hat the other day, it was one size fits all. Talk about risk taking.

exclamation point! Last time I checked there were no rules saying you can't start and end a sentence with an exclamation point. But last time I checked there were no rules saying you cant bring an ear of corn into chili's. Apparently society thinks that's not normal. So here is how the story unfolds: I'm riding in the car and I finish eating my corn-on-the-cob(c.o.b ...big rule of thumb, the word 'the' cant be used in acronyms), but I guess throwing it out the window isn't exactly kosher cause it attracts animals to the road. I finish the cob and am forced to just sit with it in my lap. We get to chili's and the closest garbage can is in walking distance, meaning its not in reaching distance, meaning its too far away. I think on my feet, like most things with two legs do, and decide to just walk in. Fast forward about one minute, really an unnecessary fast forward, and we get seated. I place the corn on the table, bad move, and then the waiter comes over. She asks whether the corn was already there and I say 'yes', about half a second later I say 'no, I brought that with me'. To top things off, this happens to be the one time we go to chili's and there are actually people we know there. This is also one of those things its hard to forget because corn has a way of reminding you that you ate it a few days ago, or a few hours ago. The awk-hawk has landed.

On a less serious note, I went to a swing dance class thing, sorry for the technical jargon. However I think for my first post that was good enough and I'll leave that for next time. Kind of like a cliff-hanger at the end a reality show, where the next episode is going to be the most intense one yet.